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Excellent, educational, detailed

Listened to the kimera interview, it was informative understanding (not just the guests) product but also what sets apart products, the future of treatments and the route (iv) may not be needed. Keep up the great work! Thank you

Excellent and informative

Excellent podcast! Host packs every episode with tons of amazing content, guests, and interviews that will motivate and inspire you. I highly recommend!

Real conversations

Great interviews with Joe Lemon

Great Listen!

This show does a great job at demystifying the healthcare system. It's great to hear from working professionals sharing their motivation for helping others. Great listen!

Awesome Podcast!

Joe is amazing! I love listening to this podcast because of how free flowing the conversation is. Everything feels real

Great Stuff

Love the podcast. Joe is a good friend and when I heard he started this podcast I had to listen! Joe keeps it interesting and there’s always something to learn. Looking forward to hearing more

GREAT Info on various Business Practices!

Stumbled on this great podcast last week. The interviewer, Joe is awesome! Great attitude and interesting and usually business conversations! KEEP THEM COMING! 😁